Custom Maid

Custom Maid is a personalized maid service for residential and small businesses in the Owasso area. We pride ourselves in providing customers with a quality cleaning service that is tailored to fit their needs. Our company believes in the importance of building a trusting relationship with each client. It is our passion to provide 100% satisfaction to each and every customer.

One thing that sets us apart from other services is our (one house/one maid) motto. You will have the same maid clean your house week after week. This will provide opportunity for the maid to learn your preferences, and a way for you to develop trust in one another. You will have your very own Custom Maid!

Cleaning for a Reason


We are proud to be partnered with Cleaning for a Reason! It is just one way to give back and help those women who are so bravely and strongly fighting cancer. Since 2006, Clean for a Reason has provided over 14,000 cleanings for women with cancer, and they continue to partner with more and more maid services everyday. They focus on taking the stress of cleaning away by bringing in maid services to provide free house cleanings!

                                                              We can help make a difference one cleaning at a time!

Our Happy Clients

“Thank you! Great job Hannah! It is so nice to come home to a clean home!”
Angie, Residential Client
“Nice job on the house!”
Sandra, Residential Client
“Thank You Custom Maid!!! My home is clean again and I enjoyed Elizabeth, all in all a very positive experience. I will recommend you to everyone. Again Thank You!”
Mary, Residential Client
“Great Job Tresha and Staff! Love what you do for us!”
ITEC, Small Business Client
“Thanks for doing such a great job! We appreciate you girls so much!”
Boyd Dentistry Staff, Small Business Client
“The house looked wonderful! Thank you!”
Jennifer, Residential Client
“Elisha and Amanda did a great job! It looked really good!”
Cassandra, Residential Client
“Thank you so much for your hard work it always looks amazing!”
Eric, Residential Client
“Very Nice Job!”
Jenny, Residential Client
“The house was beautiful and we absolutely loved it!”
Julie, Residential Client
“Amanda did a fantastic job! Thank you!”
Adriana, Residential Client
“Love it when Friday comes and I get home to a clean house!”
Karen, Residential Client
“Mandy does a great job!”
Sean, Residential Client
“My house looked great!”
Missy, Residential Client
“Elisha does a GREAT job!”
Kelli, Residential Client
“Thank you so much! Amanda did a wonderful job!”
Kim, Residential Client
“Mandy did a fantastic job! Thank you for sending us such a great worker!”
Owasso Community Resource Center, Small Business Client

Why Choose Us

  • Custom Maid provides clients with a quality cleaning service tailored to fit their individual needs.
  • By having your home or business cleaned, it helps set the tone for your residential or business’ environment.


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